Small Greens in Kidlington

Kidlington has many attractive small greens scattered across the village: see the map below.


Alexander Close Green

Alexander Close

Axtell Close Green

Axtell Close

Broadway Green


Cherwell Drive

Cherwell Avenue / Queens Avenue

Chorefields Green


Croxford Gardens Green

Croxford Gardens

Foxdown Close Green

Foxdown Close

Holly Close Green

Holly Close

Spruce Road Green

Spruce Road

The Moorlands Green

The Moorlands

The Phelps Green

The Phelps

Wilsdon Way Green

Wilsdon Way




The black circles with the white trees on the map mark the location of Kidlington's main smaller greens, as illustrated above.

See also the pages on our main parks and recreation areas and on the larger Lyne Road Green.

The greens are owned and maintained by the Parish Council.