Frequently Asked Questions

A Street Light has gone out - What should I do?

There will be a street lamp number on the street lamp. Make a note of this and ring the free number: 0800 317802 or email

More information can be found at

How do I get a bus pass?

Please contact Oxfordshire County Council at this web address or phone them on 01865 792422.

I want some old furniture collected - how can I arrange this?

Cherwell District Council can arrange special collections for unwanted large items such as furniture or those that will need special disposal treatment (e.g. refrigerators).

Householders can book a bulky waste collection in advance and there is a charge for the collection. Please ring 01295 252535 for further information.

How do I report a problem with a tree, an overgrown hedge or grass cutting?

This can be a difficult question to give an immediate answer to as various bodies (e.g. Oxfordshire County Council, Cherwell District Council, Private ownership) own and are responsible for different areas.

You can find some useful information on the government website by clicking here. In the first instance contact the Parish Council on 01865 372143.

Who do I report problems with a play area to?

All of the Parish Council's play areas are inspected regularly but if you notice some play equipment that is broken, or there is glass in one of the play areas, please contact the Parish Council on 01865 372143.

How can I book Exeter Hall or Exeter Close Pavilion?

Please see the section "Venues for Hire" on this website and ring Carol on 01865 372143.

How can I book Stratfield Brake?

Stratfield Brake is now managed by a private company. Please call them direct on 01865 847496.

How can I view a planning application?

The easiest way to view applications is via the Cherwell District Council website.

The Parish Council receives copies of all planning applications for Kidlington. To view full plans for an application you can: 

  •  Call into Exeter Hall with the address of the application - a member of Parish Staff will locate the plans for you
  • View the plans online via this link
Please note: If you have received a letter informing you of an application from Cherwell District Council, please wait a few days before coming in to view an application in the office.
Who do I contact about my blue/green/brown bin?

Please contact Cherwell District Council on 01295 227003 or through their website here.