Aircraft Noise

Noise from the airport (London Oxford Airport at Kidlington), particularly small planes, can sometimes be a problem in Kidlington and surrounding areas, although it is greatly reduced from years past. Apparently regulations allow little flexibility over flight paths, which of course pilots may not always observe.

The Parish Council has no direct authority over the Airport. However there is an Airport Consultative Committee and Parish Councillors attend these meeting. After a long gap, this has now been re-convened to meet regularly.

Councillors can certainly pass on complaints from residents at these meetings, though for a more immediate response about nuisance flying it is probably more effective for residents to complain directly to or telephone 01865 290664.

Please copy complaints to Councillor David Thurling (,  who represents the Council at the Consultative Committee.

See also the airport's Noise Concerns & Complaints page.




London Oxford Airport