Kidlington Zoo Trails

Follow the Footprints to explore the Kidlington and Gosford


  • Have Fun with your family or friends
  • Get active outside for body and mind
  • Discover new paths you've never walked before
  • Enjoy nature on your doorstep

What are the Zoo Trails?

Five family friendly, accessible walking trails based on zoo animals exploring Kidlington and Gosford.  Did you know that in the 1930's there was a zoo here? From the Bear Cub trail at 1.5km to the Lion trail at 5km there's a route for everyone.  All routes are accessible to buggies and wheelchairs and pass by all the schools, near shops, bus stops and there are public toilets in the centre of Kidlington.


Things you need to know:

The Big Bear and Bear Cub trails follow the side of the canal so please take care next to the water.  This canal section on the Bear trails does not have street lighting.  On the Monkey trail, where it crosses Park Hill Recreation Ground, there is no hard surface path.  The path crosses the grass for about 50 metres. 
The trails follow alleys, pavements and cross roads; so remember wait at the end of alleys for an adult and cross safely.


Finding your way:

All the routes are marked from a central sign in Exeter Close.  All the distance markers start from here but you can join a route at any point.  Simply follow the footprints and lines on the ground and signposts up above.  These will lead you around each circuit.  There are also a few shortcuts marked to shorten your walk.  

 Zoo Trail Map


On the route, keep an eye out for: 

  • Bug hotels and nature stops
  • Scramble boulders and balancing logs
  •  Pavement games and activities
  • Benches and picnic spots
  • adventurous wolves - HOW MANY CAN YOU SPOT?

Click onto the Video Link for: Kidlington Zoo Trail