Kidlington Eco Group


In the autumn of 2021, and in the run up to COP26, the village hosted a series of community events and activities to highlight and respond to the climate change crisis called Revival for Survival. Community groups, churches, and agencies joined the Parish Council to reflect on how to move towards together. The relationships and collaboration generated through this felt like something that should continue and so KEG was formed earlier in the Spring of 2022.

KEG is a network of local and ecologically-minded agencies, groups, and individuals who are working towards a greener Kidlington and world.

Our Practice

We meet regularly (normally on the first Thursday of the month at 1pm down at Exeter Hall) to: 
  1. Catch Up – Sharing news and information for encouragement, support and assistance
  2. Collaborate – Identifying where there are gaps in our combined efforts and collaborating on solutions
  3. Communicate – Facilitating communication of all of that is going on to the wider community, and signposting opportunities to get involved or volunteer.

Our Shared Values (PLACE)

We are united in our enthusiasm for: 
  • Protecting: our local natural environment
  • Learning: to live sustainably
  • Advocating: for ecological justice and best practice locally
  • Collaborating: around existing and joint projects
  • Enjoying: the journey in the process!

For more information or to sign up for regular updates visit the KEG website here or follow us on facebook.



KEG collage