A large field off Maple Avenue, this is whereabout the Parish Council newly refurished play area is situated with seating area for parents to relax while the children are having fun of the latest equipment.   There several footpaths and cycle route to this area should you prefer to walk or cycle but please be mindful there isn't a lot space for parking.

This site is also located within a large recreational area where Garden City Football Club have training sessions and football matches, this area is owned by the Parish Council but leased to Kidlington Recreational Trust.

The Playground is managed and oversee by the Parish Council and is inspected once a week for any damage or repairs the Football pitches are owned by Kidlington Parish Council and overseen by Kidkington Recreational Trust.  If during this time you find any problems with the equipment or area please don't hesitate to contact Graham Kearney - Facilities Manager at 

Outdoor Gym

Ron Grove - Outside Gym

Outdoors gyms have become a popular way to stay fit, and for good reason.  Not only are they a great, cost effective way to get a full body workout, but they also provide a unique, outdoor experience that can't be found in a traditional gym.

Why Kidlington built an outdoor Gym? 

Kidlington Parish Council added outdoor gym to Ron Grove Park area to promote healthier lifestyles for residents.
Outdoor workouts proide fresh air, natural sunlight, imroed mental health and reduce stress levels and also are affordable.