K5 Better Together Programme for Kidlington and surrounding villages

In January 2020 an exciting new venture for Kidlington and the surrounding villages was launched by Cherwell District Council, aimed at promoting wellbeing and community cohesion. Based on the experiences of the Healthy Bicester model, K5 Better Together is designed to enable people who live or work in Kidlington, Islip, Yarnton, Begbroke and Thrupp, to enjoy healthy, happy lives where it is easy to be active, eat healthily, and be a good neighbour.

After consultation with community groups, charities and businesses in the area, the key priorities of the project were identified as: encouraging healthy living by being active and eating well; to promote mental wellbeing; to tackle loneliness and to increase community cohesion. K5 Better Together is an extension of Cherwell’s healthy place shaping programme, established in March 2019 following the council’s commitment to continue the work of the Healthy Bicester partnership.

Residents and workers in Kidlington and the surrounding area are being encouraged to keep up-to-date on all the latest developments of the project by following @K5BetterTogether on Facebook and @K5Better on Twitter.

Walking for wellbeing: Kidlington and Gosford Zoo Trails

Five, zoo-themed walking trails have been created in Kidlington, for families to explore our local area on foot, and to help improve community connectivity and boost physical and mental wellbeing.

 You can find a fuller description here, and a map of the walks here