Information about Kidlington Parish Council Finance


How the Kidlington Parish Council is Funded

Kidlington Parish Council operations and services are primarily funded through the Council Tax paid by residents of Kidlington.  Additional income is generated by the Parish Council by the lease income of Council properties, the hire of venues and facilities, allotment. 

Each year a budget setting process is undertaken over a period of several months, during which time the anticipated income and expenditure for the following year is calculated and reviewed by Finance & Assets committees. The final budget is approved by Full Council sometime in December or January and the figure required to be collected as part of the Council Tax – known as the Precept.

About Council Tax

The Council tax paid by the residents of Kidington is collected by Cherwell District Council. The amount received by the Kidlington Parish Council is calculated each year by way of a budget setting process. This process takes into account the statutory commitments the Parish Council has to its residents as well as upcoming projects and arrives at a figure known as the precept. Other income is generated by the Parish Council in way of rental income, venue hire, allotment rents for example.

The Good Councillors Guide to Finance and Transparency