Wildlife Friendly Gardens Open Day

We had a fantastic day in Kidlington, celebrating nature-friendly gardens on Saturday 15th June. Hosted by Wild Oxfordshire, 8 Gardens were open to the public to inspire local people with ways they can help nature and increase biodiversity from their own homes. Thank you so much to those who attended for your incredible feedback. It’s wonderful to hear how so many of you felt inspired and that you also really enjoyed the day. Gardens are now a vital refuge for much of our local wildlife, with many species now relying on our gardens to survive, such as the greenfinch, stag beetle and hedgehog. It’s easy to forget that our gardens join up with other gardens as well as the local greenspaces to make one big patchwork of foraging, drinking, and nesting sites. Kidlington Parish Council are managing the local spaces with biodiversity in mind, and it was great to celebrate local efforts to help nature in the village.

“Great to see how people have done things for real. I can’t wait to add some ideas to my own garden.”

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