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National lockdown
Exeter Hall is closed to the public until further notice and Council staff are working mostly from home.
Our playgrounds, tennis and games courts and the outdoor gym are all now open.
Follow this link to see government lockdown rules, including a list of forthcoming changes.
Follow this link for Covid 19 useful numbers and information.

Lyne Road Green

See our current plans to make the green a more attractive, biodiverse and secure setting.

Traffic Closure Notices 
Follow this link for information on local traffic closures in April-May and July-November 2021.


News Flashes

Sing and Sign Babies

Published: 28 Apr 21

1-6 Month olds - Connect with your baby through music, songs and games Read More...

Fun Workouts with your child

Published: 22 Apr 21

New classes at the Pavilion by Sweaty Mama

Remembrance Service for HRH Prince Phillip

Published: 13 Apr 21

St Mary's Church, Kidlington on Friday 16 April @ 6pm. Read More...

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