Annual Parish Meeting

Every English Parish has to hold a Parish Meeting for all the local electors. This meeting has to be held between 1st March and 1st of June.

The Parish Council Chairman presides at the meeting and the Parish Council, as the only formal body in a position to do so, normally sets the agenda. However, the Parish Meeting is the residents' meeting and the public are encouraged to participate.

Due to the current emergency, this year the Annual Parish Meeting will be held on-line via Zoom on Thursday 29 April at 7.30 pm, as in our Calendar: the agenda and instructions for joining are available here. The Council will distribute its usual printed Newsletter beforehand. Because of the emergency last year's meeting was cancelled, and the newsletter was published on our website.

The Council welcomes questions from any resident about anything connected to our activities. Our staff and councillors are available at the phone numbers listed on our Meet the Staff page, or you can email us at


Papers for each meeting can be viewed by selecting a year below.