The Environment

Green Kidlington

Kidlington is surrounded by Green Belt and benefits from its open natural spaces, especially St Mary’s Fields, the water meadows and planted woodlands to the north and Stratfield Brake to the south, the paths following the route of the Oxford Canal, and the parks and recreation grounds owned by the Council. See also our pages on Green Spaces, Small Greens and Trees,

Climate Emergency

In November 2019, Kidlington Parish Council, along with a great many other councils in the country, declared a climate emergency. This commits the Council to adopting policies that take into account the impact of human activity on the biodiversity in our green spaces, parks and wild areas, and to being vigilant about mitigating threats caused by extreme weather conditions. 

The Council therefore supports the proposed  Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill.

Projects and Activities 

Read about the Kidlington Eco Festival in September/October 2021.

See details of the Cherwell Collective's foodbank and educational work and the Thursday Lunch Club at 12 pm in Exeter Hall

See also our pages on Wellbeing, Traffic and Streets, Aircraft Noise, and our current plans to make the large open space at Lyne Road Green  a more attractive, biodiverse and secure setting. There will be a day of planting hedging on the Green on Saturday 30 October 2021.

For the longer term, we have worked with Cherwell District Council on a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan to create traffic-free routes for cyclists and walkers combined with new traffic-calming measures. Alongside this, we are developing a scheme for a Green Ring around the village: a network of interconnected green spaces linked by paths and cycle tracks. We strongly support the proposal by Kidlington Development Watch to designate part of this ring as Local Green Spaces.



Flooding at St Mary's Fields

 Flooding at St Mary's Fields: photo by Frederick Dove