Traffic and Streets


Speed Limits 

Oxfordshire County Council’s Transport Strategy encourages walking or cycling as a means of exercise and travel, but pedestrians and cyclists feel intimidated by HGVs and cars travelling too fast on residential streets. Although there are 20mph speed limit zones in parts of Oxfordshire and Oxford City we are joining the campaign to extend this to all towns and villages where vehicles mix with pedestrians and cyclists.

The Parish Council supports the County Council's plans for 20 mph limits across Kidlington except on the main arterial roads, but including the Oxford Road from Yarnton Road to Benmead Road; and for a 30 mph limit between Yarnton Road and just North of Sainsburys roundabout. See further details on the 20's Plenty for Us campaign.

Sandy Lane Crossing Closure Plans

The Council opposes Network Rail's plans to close the Sandy Lane crossing. If implemented, cars and vans will be forced to travel round by Frieze Way or Langford Lane beween Yarnton to Kidlington, a journey two miles longer each way. Traffic on the A44 and the A4260 will be increased even more; junctions and roundabouts will be more congested. Businesses will have to bear an extra cost in time and travel. Customers may be reluctant to travel the extra distance to go shopping or seek services in the Village centre.

Find and report road or street problems

The County Council is the authority responsible for streets and roads. Use their Fixmystreet website to find and report road or street problems.






Civil Parking Enforcement

As many residents will know the enforcement of parking is low on the police agenda and the Parish Council has been pushing for parking in Kidlington to be decriminalised. From late 2022 this will no longer be dealt with by the police but by officers employed by Cherwell District or Oxfordshire County Councils, the same arrangement that currently exists in Oxford City and West Oxfordshire. In practice it will mean that in areas where there are parking restrictions they will be enforced on a more regular basis.

Traffic Advisory Committee

We also have a Traffic Advisory Committee where councillors meet regularly with County Council and other officers.