Council Meetings

All meetings are held on Thursday evenings. In the last year meetings have been held on-line on the Zoom platform (obtainable without charge from However from the Annual Council Meeting on 13 May 2021 we are holding full council meetings under Covid-secure arrangements at Exeter Hall. The same applies to the Policy and Finance and the Community Committees, but the Planning Committee will continue to be hald on-line. All these arrangement are subject to review depending on future developments.

More information about Council and its three standing committees, with agendas and minutes for recent meetings, can be found by following the links below. 

Public Participation 

Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings of the Council and its Standing Committees whether these are in person or on-line. instructions for taking part will be included in the agenda for each meeting, which is published a week before the meeting and can be found following the links below.

Ten minutes are set aside at the beginning of each meeting to receive questions or statements from the public. These can be either spoken or written and must relate to items on the agenda of the meeting. Should a delegation wish to meet the Council they should appoint a spokesperson prior to the meeting. Written questions or statements should be sent in advance of the meeting to the Clerk (, or by post), who will read them out at the meeting. All members of the public intending to speak will be required to identify themselves. After the first ten minutes members of the public may only speak by invitation of the Chair.

 Members of the public are welcome to raise questions or make representations at any time on matters relating to the Council’s business, by post, email or telephone (see our Contact Us page).

Between 1 March and 1 June there is also an Annual Parish Meeting which all residents are invited to attend.