Planning Committee

The Planning Committee meets monthly and the purpose of these meetings is to consider planning applications submitted within the Parish.

Terms of reference

  • Consultations on development control applications as required.
  • The Planning Committee receives applications for every kind of development proposal. 
  • They might range from small house extensions to major housing developments. 
  • The committee will make recommendations to the Planning Authority, which is Cherwell District Council. These might be to recommend approval or rejection of an application. 
  • Final decisions are made by Officers under delegation or, if placed before them, The District Council Planning Committee.
  • Initial consideration of matters concerning planning policy and referral to Policy committee (the chairs of Planning and Policy will agree the appropriate actions).


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13 Feb 20



Committee Members

Alan Graham

107 High Street

(01865) 453442

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Chris Pack

13 Mead Way

01865 377359

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Carole Pack

13 Mead Way

07885 835283

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David Betts

62 The Moors

(01865) 375613

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Ian Middleton

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Alison Street

97 High Street

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David Thurling

12 Mead Way,

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Tracey Wyse

141 Banbury Road,

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Doug Williamson

69 The Moors,

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