Covid Vaccinations

Published: 12 January 2021

The Kidlington, Islip and Woodstock medical practices have taken the decision to establish a Covid vaccination centre in Islip, as the site that provides the best venue for a complex set of requirements. Patients with concerns about accessibility are assured that when they are contacted for the vaccine and it’s established that they genuinely can’t travel, then alternative arrangements will be made at that time. Patients will still receive their vaccine at their allotted time and will be contacted by their practice. They should not contact practices in advance themselves.

The decision on the location of the vaccination centre was made by the doctors and staff at the surgeries in question.  The Parish Council offered the use of Exeter Hall at a greatly reduced price which would simply cover the cost of keeping the building open, and we remained open to further discussion on any price issues. 

In a series of meetings with the doctors we went as far as we felt we could to meet their needs, as we were keen that the vaccinations should take place in Exeter Hall if possible. In the end, however, the doctors decided that they needed full-time exclusive use of a venue and we were not able to offer that. Since April Exeter Hall has hosted the Community Larder, which has been providing food parcels and support for local residents throughout the pandemic. It would not have been practicable to move this vital service to another location.

We have received very positive reports about the arrangements in Islip.