Bicester Road Cemetery

Published: 01 December 2020


The Council is very pleased to announce that the recent programme of work on the Bicester Road cemetery has now been completed. It began shortly after the present Council was elected last year, well before the waterlogging problems that occurred in the winter, and has proceeded without delay since then. A substantial new network of drains and paths has been installed, which follows a scheme drawn up by expert consultants, and is far more extensive than any of the works carried out since the cemetery was first opened. This will reduce very significantly the problems of waterlogging that we have experienced from time to time in the past, even if it may not remove them completely in periods of extreme weather. In particular the new paths will make access to graves easier whatever the condition of the ground. One or two finishing touches will have to wait until next Spring. In the meantime we are developing new plans for additional landscaping of the site.


Bicester Road Cemetery Picture