Policy & Finance Committee

The Policy and Finance Committee monitors the Council’s spending, reviews its financial affairs, sets the annual budget and determines the parish precept (Council Tax).

Terms of reference

  • Development of policies that guide the services and activities of the Council within the context of a three year plan.
  • Responses to major consultations from other bodies
  • Set budget and precept and monitor the financial affairs of the Council
  • To oversee the internal control of the Council’s affairs. 

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31 Jan 19


14 Mar 19


Committee Members

Nigel Simpson

1 Alexander Close

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David Betts

62 The Moors

(01865) 375613

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Alan Mackenzie-Wintle

4 Petre Place

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Andrew Dyer

11 Nurseries Road

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Alan Graham

107 High Street

(01865) 453442

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Neil Prestidge

26 Lock Crescent

07766 018226

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Helen Kingsley

5 Benmead Ward

07766 007806

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