Policy and Finance Committee


The Chair of the Committee is David Betts and the Vice-Chair Conrad Copeland.

The Policy and Finance Committee is concerned with the Council’s finances, management and policies.

Terms of reference

• Development of policies that guide the services and activities of the Council
• Responses to major consultations from other bodies and representing the Parish’s interests to other bodies
• Recommending the annual budget and precept to Council
• Monitoring the financial affairs of the Council
• Overseeing the internal management of the Council’s affairs.

Agendas and Minutes of individual meetings can be seen by selecting a year below. There is a full list of committee members further down on the page.

David Betts Picture

David Betts
Chair of the Committee
01865 375613

28 Oct 21


16 Dec 21

Committee Members

David Betts


62 The Moors

01865 375613

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David Robey

St Mary's Ward

101 High St

01865 847140

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Alan Graham


107 High Street

01865 453442

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Neil Prestidge

Dogwood Ward

26 Lock Crescent

07766 018226

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Conrad Copeland

Roundham Ward

07850 576976

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Katherine Tyson

St Mary's Ward

07801 938832

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Ian Middleton

Exeter Ward

07779 628211

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Alison Street

Orchard Ward

97 High Street

01865 371748

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David Thurling

Dogwood Ward

12 Mead Way,

01865 373897

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