Community Committee

The Community Committee manages and develops open spaces and maintenance of council owned buildings. In addition, it delivers agreed community based projects and widely encourages community involvement.

Terms of reference

  • Management, development and maintenance of property in terms of buildings and open spaces
  • Delivery and implementation of agreed community based projects
  • Encourage community involvement through promotion of activities and special projects
  • Instigation of initiatives for consideration of Council.

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7 Mar 19



Committee Members

Sandra Rhodes

50 Evans Lane

(01865) 848861

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Carmen Griffiths

106 Church Street

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David Betts

62 The Moors

(01865) 375613

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Maurice Billington

15 Evans Lane

(01865) 842235

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Gill Hopcroft

3 Prestige Place

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Carole Pack

13 Mead Way

07885 835283

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Neil Prestidge

26 Lock Crescent

07766 018226

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Alaric Rose

3 Helwys Place

07966 233545

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Chris Pack

13 Mead Way

01865 377359

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