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Exeter Hall

About the Council

As is appropriate for the second largest village in England, Kidlington Parish Council is the largest in Oxfordshire serving an electorate of about 10,500. The offices of the Parish Council are housed within Exeter Hall - the village hall - and close to the Village Centre.

The principal aim of the Parish Council is to create a thriving village in which people are proud to live and work and in which they can enjoy an environment free from unnecessary traffic, noise and pollution. The Council endeavours to:

  • Protect and enhance the environment
  • Develop good communication between the Council and residents
  • Conduct Council business in an open, efficient and considerate way

This work is achieved through the professional staff; the main committees as well as sub committees and representation on external committees and organizations. Information about these is available through the menu.

The principal responsibilities of the Parish Council are:

  • The management of Exeter Hall-the village hall plus council offices.
  • Joint management (with Gosford & Water Eaton Parish Council) of Stratfield Brake-a village sports complex
  • Management of the Burial Ground
  • Provision of allotments at 5 sites - Yarnton Road, Hazel Walk, Station Fields, Gravel Pits and Blenheim Road
  • Representation of local opinion to other public authorities e.g. Planning applications
  • Recreation grounds and open spaces (and in association with the Kidlington Recreational Trust)

Please see the Documents section for further information on the Parish Council (Freedom of Information Act) - go to Documents and insert "Freedom of Information" under "Document Type".

Recreation facilities include: