Kidlington Recreational Trust

Mary Mahoney

31 yarnton Road, Kidlington, OX5 1AT



Kidlington Recreational Trust is a registered charity that manages the recreation grounds leased from the Parish Council at Yarnton Road Football Club, Orchard Rec. (off Evans Lane), Park Hill (off Benmead Road) and Ron Groves' Park (Maple Avenue)

The management committee has representation from local sports clubs and others interested in the recreational facilities.

Recent projects the Trust have been involved in include;
  • A programme to safety inspect and maintain all trees bordering the recreation grounds.
  • Installation of gates at the entrance to Parkhill & Orchard Rec., to prevent anti-social behaviour caused by cars being driven onto the fields at nightime.
  • Replacing the flooring at Kidlington Youth FC's clubhouse at Orchard Rec.
  • Developing an area of woodland at Parkhill, widening the paths to allow public access, providing seating and tidying up and replanting areas now overgrown with bramble and nettle.
  • Purchase of a gang mower for the use of Kidlington FC to enable them to carry out adequate grass maintenance, required following their promotion to the Hellenic Premier League.
  • Replacement of the roof at the Yarnton Road Social Club.
Forthcoming projects include;
  • The Kidlington Community Football Association was formed in 2003 to secure funding for major improvements to the land leased to the recreational Trust and to be able to improve facilities for the other grounds used by football clubs and schools. The Plan has been finalized, and a proportion of the funding agreed, if a bid to the Football Foundation is successful, improvements could begin within the next year.
  • Initiating a campaign to raise awareness of the anti-social nature of allowing dogs to foul the recreation areas and failing to clear up the mess.