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Kidlington Parish Council

This Parish Council Web Site aims to

  • Communicate, keeping those who live and work here up to date with events and local issues.
  • Promote the services, organisations and activities of this thriving village community
  • Help people find information about what is going on in Kidlington and search for up to date information from the various council committee meetings.
  • Consult, giving you the chance to contribute your views and opinions on local matters.

This is an evolving site and there is much more to develop.


  • Lies just 5 miles north of Oxford and close to major national routes including the M40 (View Map...)
  • Is the second largest village in England with a population of over 17000
  • Was originally called Cudelinga tun, derived from the tun (Anglo-Saxon word meaning settlement) of the Kidlings or sons of Cydel-hence.

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